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The Discovery, The Ingredients & How They Work


The Segals Solutions Program’ is the latest treatment, a new & different approach to controlling thinning hair or hair loss. It is naturally based on herbal technology. It is a combination of an African Plant Life as well at the latest in hair care technology. It has been developed by Pharmacist D.R. Segal who is also the author of "Preventing & Reversing Hair Loss"; and his father Lou Segal, a chemist. The formulas have been used for over 35 years with incredible success. 

With Segals Solutions, people all over the world are reporting amazing results with reduced hair loss and the new hair that emerges become thicker, fuller and stronger. The most important result has been improved self esteem and vibrant feeling of youth that comes with having thick, full looking hair. 

Segals Solutions works by creating the ideal environment for healthy, strong hair growth. It achieves this by the following:

* Unclogs hair follicles by removing the waxy build up. 
* Reduces high levels of the root-choking hormone DHT. 
* Improves the blood circulation to the scalp. 
* Thickens and strengthens the new hair growth. 

It is effective for women as well! Women have diffused hair loss and this seems to be due to a number of contributing factors such as hormonal changes, birth control medications, giving birth, weight loss or imbalanced diet and even stress! 

USAGE: It is very easy to use. Preferably at night (or in the morning), massage the Formula into the thinning areas of your scalp. Leave on the scalp overnight for at least 6 to 8 hours. Whenever you wash your hair use the Shampoo & Conditioner. Take a capsule of the Hair Supplement after breakfast and dinner. 

OUR PROMISE: With Segals Solutions, you will notice a drastic reduction in hair loss within 5 to 7 weeks and the new hair growth will emerge thicker, stronger and healthier within 3 to 6 months. Segals Solutions is natural and safe to use. There are no known side effects. 

Segals Solutions can be used by men or women of any age. Segals Solutions can be used at all stages of hair loss including the early stages and the later stages. 

Segals Solutions and Herbal Glo, both are developed by D.R. Segal. Herbal Glo has been on the market for over 14 years and has become a leader in health stores. Segals Solutions containing an extra ingredient - the Roobois plant extract, is the salon version and is sold only in exclusive hair salons worldwide. The formula has been adapted to meet the needs of customers who go to salons and get perms, color treatments etc. People also like to have their results monitored by a hairstylist. However, in India, only the Segals Solutions product line has been launched and is being recommended by leading Trichologists as also marketed through premium salons. 

The Formula is not sticky or greasy and in fact has a nice fragrance. It might feel a little wet for about 30 seconds; soon this gets absorbed in the scalp. After applying the Formula you will feel a tingling sensation as the blood rushes to the follicles. This is normal and will go away within a few minutes. You do not have to wash your hair the next day; you can leave the Formula on until you wash your hair next time. For best results use the 4 step system and try not to use any other hair care product except for other styling aids which are okay. The Formula is the most important step in the program. The Shampoo, Conditioner & Supplement potentiate the results of the Formula. Once the the desired results are achieved you can reduce the number of times you apply the Formula such as every other day or 3 times a week. 

During the first week or two you might find that you loose more hair then usual; this is normal. The hair that fall out are in the falling out (Telogen) stage and by simply massaging, it forces these to come out quicker. The new hair that take their place will be thicker and healthier.

RESULTS: Most people find that their hair loss has been drastically reduced within 5 to 7 weeks and the new hair growth appears within 3 to 6 months. The results vary with each individual. The best results seem to be with people who have been experiencing hair loss for less than 5 years. People who have had hair loss for a longer time still notice positive results. So, the sooner you start using Segals Solutions the better and faster the results. 

The Formula contains a special non-drying Alcohol to ensure better absorbtion. Alcohol acts as a vasodilator, opening the follicles so that the nutrients can be absorbed into the follicle. It is denatured alcohol derived from wheat and glycerin has been added to overcome any possible drying effects. 

Segals Solutions contains the most complete and comprehensive blend of the finest ingredients known for arresting hair loss. These include Polysorbate 80, Jojoba Oil, Panthenol, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Salicylic Acid, Kelp, Stinging Nettle, Vitamin E, as well as many other finest herbal extracts such as Fo-Ti, Horsetail, Rosemary, Burdock Root, Aloe Vera, Roobois, Comfrey extract, Grapeseed extract, Chamomile extract, Green Tea and Gingko Biloba. 

The most important product in the Segals Solutions 4 step system is the Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula. To maximize the results you should use the Segals Solutions Hair Root Shampoo & Hair Root Conditioner in place of your regular hair care. These products have similar ingredients and work synergistically to potentiate the overall results of the Formula. 

Segals Solutions Hair Root Shampoo contains just the right blend of botanical extracts, herbs and vitamins. It effectively removes toxins and impurities which can often lead to thinning hair. At the same time, it gently cleans the scalp and prepares the hair follicles for the nurturing properties found in the Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula. Segals Solutions Hair Root Conditioner strengthens your hair, adding volume, shine and manageability. Your hair will comb easily, making it feel soft without looking weighted down or greasy. It also protects your hair from problems caused by styling, blow drying and the environment. 

MAIN INGREDIENTS: The Products are a balanced compound of various rare herbs like Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Inositol, Panthenol, Horsetail extract, Rosemary extract, Panthenol, Roobois extract, Comfrey extract, Gingko Biloba, Fo-Ti, Polysorbate 80, Stinging Nettle, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera apart from Anti-oxidants. 

Saw Palmetto: Research has found that hair loss and thinning hair is attributed to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which is produced by the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase. The natural herb, Saw Palmetto, along with the mineral Zinc has been scientifically researched and clinically tested to show an inhibition of this enzyme, thereby helping prevent and reverse male pattern baldness. 

Polysorbate 80: Researched at Helsinki University, this hair growth stimulating compound is approved by the FDA as an emulsifying agent in shampoos and lotions. Polysorbate 80 works in three different ways: 

* Removes dihydrotestosterone (DHT) & cholesterol from the scalp. 
* Releases histamine (a growth factor) in the scalp. 
* Removes excessive body oil & dead skin cells around hair follicles. 

Biotin: This new ingredient was developed by endocrinologists to reduce excessive hair loss & revitalize new hair growth. In tests conducted, as many as 70% of all cases obtained results. They concluded that Biotin is a basic nutritional factor in hair growth & in the control of hair fallout. 

Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Studies have shown that topically applied Panthenol has the ability to thicken & repair damaged hair. Panthenol is a relatively small molecule that can penetrate the hair shaft & hold moisture within each hair (to provide pliability from the inside & lustre on the outside).

Inositol: (a B-Vitamin) An antioxidant which has a protective effect on hair follicles, by protecting them from membrane damage caused by oxidized cholesterol in the scalp. 

Jojoba Oil: It is remarkably effective against sebum, which is the fatty substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It frees the scalp of flakes & dirt - encouraging hair to grow. 

Nettle/Rosemary: A mixture of these herbal extracts helps to speed up the metabolism of the hair follicle. 

Salicylic Acid: Eliminates seborrhea & dandruff. 

Horsetail: One of the most silicate-rich plants, Horsetail contains about 7% silicic acid. Since tissue-strengthening and resistance-promoting properties (especially for the connective tissue) are ascribed to silicic acid, horsetail extracts are an important ingredient in strengthening hair lotions. 

Contributing Factors which may cause hair loss: 

* Poor hair hygiene 
* Excessive Stress 
* Improper Nutrition 
* Crash dieting / Menopause 
* Birth Control Pills 
* Pregnancy / Chemotherapy / PCOS
* Poor blood circulation 
* Clogged hair follicles

* Environmental factors – Pollution / Hard Water


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