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Stuff n' Style.

Background & Philosophy

M/s Stuff n' Style is a Chennai based firm started in the year 2000 and is dedicated in the marketing of a diverse range of lifestyle products and services related to the healthcare industry. The company literally stands by it's name and carries an express commitment to deliver only UNIQUE products and services complying to world - class QUALITY standards. The Company believes that Nature, with all it's richness provides the most comprehensive means to maintain our body and the best cure for all disorders and ailments, howsoever complicated they may be. The Company strives for the highest level of Customer satisfaction by imparting complete knowledge - based support about the products - their profile, ingredients, functions and effectiveness. Professionalism in customer - service and an untiring commitment to deliver a value - based service to it's customers with a zeal to excel is the driving force.

When you interact with our Customer-care executives, a world of beauty, charm and exuberance overwhelms you. We are here to help you relax and to take away all the pressure pertaining to your hair or skin problems. We listen to your needs very carefully, analyse them and suggest you the best remedies, all natural. We explain to you the ingredients of our products and also as to how each ingredient will work to relieve you from your problem.

We are dedicated to give you the most luxurious and highest quality skin, body and hair care. We are here for you and we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

Our Vision

We have been serving the quality-conscious consumer for over eight years and have select outlets in Chennai to deliver you service. We also have a team of medical practitioners from all streams of medicine - allopathic, ayurvedic/naturopathy and homeopathy to analyse your needs and provide you the best solutions. We are elated to have eminent people from all walks of life including leading film and television personalities and those associated with the modelling industry as our clients. We feel honored and hope to continue to serve our customers better each passing day.

Our vision is to provide the ultimate level of customer satisfaction to the Indian consumer by introducing to them genuinely effective products, maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature, of course all within the realms of ethics, morality and a sense of commitment to society.
M/s Stuff n' Style
# 22 (Vrindavan Enclave),
189 (New - 400) - Lloyds Road,
Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600 086. India.

Professional Hair Care & Treatment Products. Results Assured.