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Welcome Again !

This website is an extension of our main site, http://www.segalsolutionsindia.com/

We hope you have visited each page of the above site and by now, well aquainted with this mighty, unique concept - one that blends the strength of nature with the latest in haircare technology, known the world over as 'Segals Solutions Program''. The 'Segals Solutions Program' is not limited to treatment solutions for hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff/dry scalp, sebum, damaged/dry hair and scalp-psoriasis but is a complete family regimen with products that work to prevent such conditions or help maintain good hair good forever. Effective hair-root rejuvenation is the essence of Segals Solutions products, all without the usage of any chemicals or drugs to get you voluminous, free-flowing hair with a good texture. The only side-effect is an improved self-esteem !

M/s Stuff n Style is committed to deliver you the finest for your hair and scalp health. We continuously endeavor to work upon the quality of our existing products as also developing new products in our laboratories and GMP Certified manufacturing facilities. As an entity committed in imparting complete and convincing knowledge about hair and scalp health to citizens, it is imperative for us to let know each discerning consumer as to how, why and which product of the 'Segals Solutions Program'  would fit into their regimen. This site, updated regularly based on your feedback, reviews and opinions intends to provide you more information that helps you make the perfect choice so that you have a luxurious hair-health throughout your life.  

Because, only what is Healthy can be Beautiful........

And Vice Versa



If Segals Solutions can’t solve your Hair & Scalp problems, probably nothing else can !

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